Endless Impressions

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  • NEC
  • ISE 2018

Immersive New Concept for NEC at ISE 2018

With an immersive new concept, D’art Design Gruppe gives NEC for the third time the perfect forum for their latest display technologies at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam.

Openly arranged into the three main zones signage/ retail, corporate and large-venue-installations, the two-storey appearance becomes an immersive experience of the display appliances for visitors. In favour of the experiences the technologies elegantly take a backseat and play to their strength multifacetedly. Technology, innovation and emotion are not in conflict with each other, but come together fluidly: the campaign “Create Endless Impressions” skilfully becomes the motto of the brand space.

In large part veiled with a dark grey curtain, the façade awakens associations of theatre and stage and the displays and projectors become actors of the spectacle. The retail section has been staged like a shop area. It demonstrates how the appliances can professionally be integrated within that context so as to offer real surplus values to the consumer on his individual customer journey. A suspended installation in the seven metres high entrance area with projection mapping attract the spectators’ attention from both stand levels and awakens enthusiasm and fascination.

    • Project
    • NEC, ISE 2018
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    • Amsterdam
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    • Fair
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    • Lukas Palik
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